ShareKnowledge LMS is the first corporate learning management system built specifically for Microsoft® SharePoint® platform. It takes advantage of all that Microsoft SharePoint can offer an organization and goes far beyond that:

  • Quick and effective integration with other IT and HR systems (SAP, PeopleSoft, CRMs etc.)
  • Supports traditional Microsoft® Office® documents, PDF and other standalone files as learning materials
  • SCORM-compliant, works with 3rd party courses built with Adobe® Captivate® or Articulate®
  • Maximum flexibility in reporting and managing corporate training initiatives
  • Support for all major Web browsers on Windows, Mac, Linux and iPad

Being a SharePoint LMS which means that it's an LMS built on SharePoint, ShareKnowlegde is not only "easy" – it’s intuitive, because it capitalizes on the familiar, easy-to-use interface of SharePoint.

Learning Management System Learning Management System In addition to the superior learning management system, you will have for FREE:

  • Basic integration tool included
  • Simple intuitive authoring tool for quick SCORM test creation
  • Technical support

30-days trial period is available.

Try it and you'll love it!